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AdvicePal delivers immediate help for any problem, or custom advice in one day, from experienced, professional, compassionate and nature-loving people. Now life is less stressful, enjoy!


Fiesta Cabin worked closely with Call Experts to create a native iOS universal app which enhcances the experience of their client website. This app has optimized UI views for both iPhone and iPad form factors.


Developed by Heidy Yu Spurrell and Lisa Ting two moms who are raising bilingual children. Chinese for Munchkins is an engaging and educational app for kids ages 2+.

Chinese for Munchkins takes children on a journey, teaching them how to say animals and numbers in Mandarin and Cantonese - the two most common Chinese dialects in the world (there is an English option too). Whether they want to roar with the “lau fu” (tiger), munch on bamboo with a “hung mao” (panda) or count “yak, yee, saam” (1-2-3), kids will be drawn to the flashcard pictures, sounds and animations. The interactive Memory Match and Counting Pig games will also help children reinforce what they’ve just learned while keeping them engaged and entertained.


  • How to count from 1-20 in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese
  • How to say the names of 20 animals in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese and associate them with their corresponding animal sounds
  • How to combine the numbers and animals to form simple sentences


  • Three versions of flashcards and games - English, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Bright, colorful and animated illustrations to keep kids engaged and entertained
  • Memory game to practice animals and numbers
  • Bonus game: Counting pigs
  • Native Cantonese and English speaker.

Whether your kids have had previous exposure to Chinese, or if they’re brand new to the sounds and tones, Chinese for Munchkins will help stimulate their curiosity and learning.


We worked closely with Linxter to enable Android and iOS applications with the ability to utilize the Linxter Messaging platform.

What is Linxter?

A software development tool, Linxter allows software engineers to quickly and affordably connect distributed applications and integrate distributed systems.

With Linxter, you can implement secure, reliable data exchange over the Internet for a variety of needs:

  • Systems integration
  • Remote monitoring and control of servers, robots and devices
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication
  • Secure instant messaging and file transfer
  • Smart Grid implementations
  • Multi-player gaming

Fiesta Cabin's work with this project also includes the development of sample and tutorial Android applications illustrating various components of the Linxter SDK, as well as providing support documentation and testing.



A great portable resource and daily reminder about how to stay healthy in all aspects of your life...very compelling FreshApps

Who doesn't want to live longer, and have fewer illnesses, accidents, aches in pains?

Health Yourself gives you a better understanding of how your body creates health. With it, you can strengthen your health and create the life you want.

Concepts include energy,yin and yang, and Macrobiotics, as well as taking responsibility for one's own life, plant-based diet, yoga and more.

Features Health Test, Facial Diagnosis, Affirmations, Health Journal, Diseases, and much more.

Also contains an upgrade to the eBook.


Mintfly was the first Salesforce.com application for Android. This release allowed you to view all standard and custom objects.

Fiesta Cabin implemented this app for Mintfly.com, which integrates with their SalesForce.com web service APIs to bring your contacts and sales leads right to your Android device. It integrates with existing phone services, providing such functionality as click to call, click to map, and integrated search.


ontri.com is a triathlon training and marathon training community for athletes of all levels. The ontri.com iPhone application offers marathon training programs and triathlon training programs for all distances including the Ironman.

The program can be set-up right from the iPhone and the daily workout details viewed in the iPhone application. Users may also log workouts using the GPS capabilities of the iPhone to track distance and speed or can log workouts manually right from the iPhone to the ontri.com website. The ontri.com iPhone application is the perfect companion for your training.

What's New In Version 3.0

  • GPS Workouts now save your route
  • Post your workouts on Facebook
  • Monthly workout summaries
  • Superstars leaderboard
  • Edit / Delete workouts


Restwise is the first system that lets athletes simply and accurately quantify their state of recovery from exercise. Enter 11 easily measured inputs each day, and Restwise calculates your recovery score. Used alone or with a coach or trainer, Restwise is an essential tool for optimizing any training or exercise plan. Requires an online subscription to Restwise.


Fiesta Cabin helped Ripplefly expand into the mobile space by implementing a mobile web app, compatible with iOS and Android webkit browsers.

This web app was crafted in HTML5, CSS and Javascript.


VocaBeans™ helps people with speech conditions to communicate. People with Aphasia, Autism, Laryngectomy, and other conditions have trouble verbalizing the thoughts in their minds. They know what they want to say, but cannot get the words out. Each “VocaBean™” is a picture and sound representing a word or phrase. VocaBeans lets them quickly find the picture of the word or phrase they are trying to say, and then play it.

People can work with a friend or family member to create custom VocaBeans like pictures of family members, and they can join the VocaBeans Community by registering on www.vocabeans.com.


Three important questions….

  • Do you love your iPhone?
  • Do you love belts?
  • Have you ever considered wearing your iPhone AS a belt?

If you have answered, “Yes” to any of these questions then Buckle is for you!

With Buckle, all it takes is 4 incredibly easy steps to transform your iPhone into a fashion accessory…

  1. Start up Buckle on your iPhone
  2. Choose your Buckle settings
  3. Place the iPhone at your waistline
  4. Bask in the glory that is your wearable iPhone


  • Enjoy a selection of 26 stock Buckles.
  • Use the camera to create your own custom Buckles.
  • Create a Buckle “play list” with any combination of custom and stock Buckles.
  • Set the Buckle cycle time interval.
  • Toggle the screen shut-off mode to allow for an uninterrupted Buckle session.
  • See your Buckle usage with up-to-the-second Buckle statistics.
  • One-touch play/pause feature.
  • Finger swipe buckle advance.

Do you wish there was a way to browse Facebook pictures AND improve your cognitive aptitude AT THE SAME TIME?

If you answered "Yes", then FriendMatch is for you!

FriendMatch syncs up with your Facebook profile and places your friends' profile pictures into that old school picture matching game that you used to play. Put your memory skills to the test!

  • Test your cognitive aptitude with two levels of difficulty - easy and insanely hard.
  • Your friends will know how smart you are when they hear the fun sound effects.
  • Long press a picture to view friend's status.
  • Save feature allows you to view your friend's profile without losing your game
  • Earn bragging rights with your high scores that automatically post to Facebook
  • Tons of gaming statistics to see how smart you are

We often see things that remind us of our friends – like a nifty mustache sticker, an 80's snap bracelet, or a strange man inexplicably dressed up as a giant pork roll. Sometimes we’ll take a picture and text it to a friend with an appropriately relevant comment (“Pork Roll Man just RUINED bacon for me”). Your friend might send a message back and the exchange will end; the picture eventually being buried in a litany of future text messages before eventually being deleted forever.

Lost pictures, no more.

Freezetag allows us to prominently display these pictures to our friends in a surprisingly simple way: Upload a picture and 'freezetag' a friend. The picture then instantly appears on their profile page, viewable by friends. Others can view, like, and comment on the picture. The most popular pictures will rise to the top of their photo stream.

This, in essence, allows our friends to define our photo stream. And it allows us to define our friends' photo streams!

Who will you freezetag today?